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Knowing When To Use Technology is a Valuable Skill

Learning how to code is one skill. Learning how to integrate multiple technologies to solve problems is another. When it comes to technology problem solving, it is just as important to understand when to stop using one technology, and start using another, than being a full-stack developing expert. Being a full-stack developer is great, but it is very difficult to maintain relevancy over time due to the pace of innovation. For most people, having strong fundamentals is the single most important skill to cultivate, followed by expertise in technologies that can bring everything together.

With PolarPort and The Adventures of the Polar Elf Innovation Squad series, our goal is let other services cover the deep technical specifics. This frees us to focus on the broader technology landscape to show children how to maximize technologies around them and string together real solutions to real problems. In the series, this is one of Madilyn’s biggest strengths she brings to the team, which is also why she is the squad’s leader. She has the confidence and vision to see how all the pieces to the puzzle fit together. Not just from a technology perspective, but also from an execution perspective. She is able to decipher the feedback from her team, organize it and make a game plan her team can follow to success. When it comes anointing the next generation of women leaders, these are the skills that will separate them from the crowd.

Special Thanks to platforms like Wonder Workshop, littleBits, and Lego Mindstorms that inspire children of all ages to learn how to design and code hardware/software solutions!